IKM hard

some feedback

1. it’s never too old to learn, keep learning, and working harder

2. J2ee technology is unlimited. JAAS, JNDI, LDAP, two phase commit, MVC, JMS, Web Service……………………





Jan 3rd, 2011 10:54pm,

i finnally finished whole timing of the j2ee ikm test, damn difficult.


great coverage of various topics,  JMS, XML, JAX-WS, JNDI, two-phase commit, jsp request, servlet, MVC, preparedstatement, SOAP, JSP engine,  InteractionSpec, JAAS, JavaMail, Hacker, JSP:userbean, EJB MDB, EJB Entity Bean, JAXP, Design, JMS, JEE Connector Architecture, JDBC, Java Mail, ……….


105 minutes, i only finished 26 questions out of 42. using a lot of googles, still doesn’t work. reasons, 1: extremely wide coverage, popular, or rare. 2: depth of knowledge, actually on rared depth…



i might need to reconsider how should i judge myself in j2ee skills.

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